"Australia's Leading Engineering Bar Processor"
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"Australia's Leading Engineering Bar Processor"
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The computer controlled induction quench and temper process has turned bar heat treatment
from an art to a science.

Individual bars proceed through the precision controlled heating coils while being rotated. Each bar enters the powerful quench where its temperature is rapidly decreased to transform the microstructure to the desired martensite structure. Next, it is tempered through more in-line coils to produce a tough custom-made product, superior in every aspect to the batch furnace product.

The Superquench® process results in straight bars with no stress inducing mechanical straightening required. The process also results in bars that have a very good surface finish with no scale.

At Milltech Martin Bright, we believe in providing our customers with the best value at the lowest possible price.

Our products such as Superquench® have superior properties that result in easier machining and less waste that result in savings compared to using lower cost material that may be more difficult to work with. Our experience has shown us that using lower cost feed material can actually increase costs and processing time providing no real overall saving.

We are also local suppliers who are happy to work closely with customers. We are able to provide technical support and advice and welcome visitors to our factories to observe our processes. Being local suppliers we are able to respond rapidly to urgent orders and customers have the ability to make changes right up to production time.

Yes we do.

Our quality management system is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 to ensure that customers are consistently provided with the highest standard of products every time.

You can view a copy of our certificate here.

Our mechanical testing laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025 by NATA.

You can view a copy of our certificate here.

Milltech Martin Bright is manufacturers who support the Australian steel distributor network. We supply our products on a wholesale basis and have minimum order quantities for most products.

Orders less than the MOQ are possible but they do result in higher handling and shipping costs and may not be economical for customers. We are always happy to discuss special requirements.

The lead time on orders depends on the availability of stock. Our feedstock is generally sourced from Australian and high quality international suppliers. While we maintain a wide range of feedstock and finished products, there are occasions where we need to source feedstock from steel mills with lead times from two to four months.


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