MARBRITE® cold-drawn steel bar is acknowledged for its critical tolerances and uniform composition. This high quality product can be supplied in round, hexagon, square and rectangular sections. All Milltech Martin Bright products ranging from standard  marbrite  to technically advanced, high tensile alloy steels comply with the requirements of AS1443-2004 and are finished to customer specifications.



HIGH GRADE BASE METAL Description Applications
12L14 The premium grade free-cutting steel used in the most demanding applications. Excellent machinability and suitable for case hardening and electroplating e.g hydraulic fittings, engine components.
1214 A cost-effective steel which can be substituted for 12L14 in certain applications. Broad range of machined components eg shafts, automotive components.
1020 Economical grade with a balance of strength, durability and toughness. General purpose ‘mild steel’ applications eg threaded bar, shafts.
1030 Higher strength than 1020. Suitable for induction hardening. Architectural fittings, shafts.
1045 High strength with reasonable ductility and weldability. Hydraulic rams, high strength shafts.
4140 Heat treated high tensile. Pins, high tensile fasteners, high strength shafts.
Other A range of other grades and sizes are available on enquiry.

Production Method Shapes Sizes (mm)
Cold Drawn Round Diameter 4.76 – 63.50
Hexagon Across Flat 4.76 – 101.6
Square Across Flat 4.76 – 150
Turned & Polished Round Diameter 10 – 260
Centerless Precision Ground Round Diameter 8 – 170
Hard Chromed Bar Round Diameter 19 – 160
Rough Turned Round Diameter 180 – 500