Steel processing is a very resource intensive industry. Milltech is committed to efficient operations to minimize costs and our environmental footprint.

Energy Efficiency

Milltech Martin Bright use state-of-the-art induction line processing technology to produce the majority of our products. The induction line process allows us to precisely control the energy used to heat each individual bar to the exact temperature required. Advanced Power Factor Correction technology is integrated with the induction line to ensure that electrical system losses are also minimised.

Peak Energy Control

A significant saving in energy cost has been achieved by implementing technology to shut off equipment during peak energy tariff periods. This helps us to minimise costs as well as reduce load on the energy network during peak times.

Furnace Pre-Heat

Milltech Martin Bright uses a large gas furnace to heat products that are not suitable for the induction line such as complex fabricated structures that we heat treat for customers.

A project has commenced to improve the furnace efficiency by using waste heat to pre-heat external air before it enters the combustion process. A study has shown that the installation of heat exchange equipment on the furnace could result in a 10-15% increase in efficiency reducing our gas demand, greenhouse gas emissions and operational costs.

Continuous Chrome Lines

Milltech Martin Bright has installed state-of-the-art continuous chrome line technology to replace the immersion tank chroming processes. The continuous lines use 30% less energy than the tanks for the same output.

An additional benefit of the continuous lines is the reduction in the chromic acid that is used in the process and the sophisticated waste recovery system that ensures that emissions are captured and recycled.

Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Steel Processing and Engineering, Milltech Martin Bright
Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Steel Processing and Engineering, Milltech Martin Bright

Solar power

Milltech Martin Bright has been an early adopter of large scale commercial solar power technology.

The factory roofs at the Tomago and Hexham facilities have provided enough space for the installation of 100kW at each site. There are plans to expand capacity with the installation of an additional 150kW at Tomago and 50kW at Hexham. These systems help to minimize Milltech’s load on the grid, greenhouse gas emissions and make good business sense with a short payback period.

You can view a video showcasing the system here.

solarpower, Sustainability, Steel Processing and Engineering, Milltech Martin Bright


Milltech Martin Bright is focused on waste minimisation in all aspects of our business. Milltech Martin Bright has processes in place to ensure that all of our scrap steel, paper, cardboard, electronic waste and printer cartridges are recycled.

An IT system upgrade is also in progress with one aim to be to establish Electronic Data Interchange processes with customers and suppliers to minimise paper use.

recycling, Sustainability, Steel Processing and Engineering, Milltech Martin Bright