Milltech has recently commissioned a ‘Vanta  C-Series X-Ray Analyser.’ The instrument is used
to identify/verify steel grades through the use of X-Ray technology. The specially trained and accredited operator holds the unit against the steel bar being tested and presses the ‘Go’ button. The chemical analysis is displayed on the machine’s screen within two seconds and in addition, if the analysis of the grade has been saved in the memory of the unit, the actual grade is also displayed. Milltech was required to acquire a radiation licence (as is the case for all X-Ray instruments) issued by The Environmental Protection Authority of NSW in addition to the special operator training and accreditation.

The $40k Analyser will play a critical part in the prevention of unacceptable grades mixes and is a valuable addition to Milltech’s Quality System.


                                     The X-Ray Analyser in action