As a part of Milltech Martin Bright’s continuous improvement activities, the company has installed a new CNC Turning Centre, a RIMA Leo -1600 unit. The main reason for purchasing the Centre is to expedite preparation of mechanical test samples and hence facilitate quicker despatching of product.

The test sample is machined from a 40mm square x 160 mm long which is cut from the parent bar. In the past, the 40 mm piece was then turned to specification on a manual lathe. That process required the operator’s full-time attendance occupying him for the most of the shift. Now, the 40mm square sample is fed into CNC Centre for automatic machining, & while the machining is occurring, the technician can commence testing completed pieces or carry out other work. The main advantage of the CNC machine is that test results are now available much earlier allowing shipment to be expedited by 2 to 3 days. A further advantage is that the CNC Centre machines the test pieces dimensionally more accurately than those turned by a skilled technician on a manual lathe.

In time the machine will also be used for turning other products.