Sustainability – Success in War on Waste (Water)!

Sustainability - Success in War on Waste (Water)! »

After many years of wasting water due to unacceptably high conductivity caused by being used to cool high voltage cables/equipment, Milltech Martin Bright’s innovative Engineering Manager Mark Russell has worked out a way to reuse the water elsewhere in the process where conductivity is of no concern, instead of using fresh replacement water.

Previously suggested solutions (> $100k) involved using very involved and expensive pumps, filters, heat exchangers as well as extensive plumbing.

Now, the high conductivity water is channelled through a tank acquired for this project and used as quench water for which it is perfectly suitable. Fortunately, the balance of discharge high conductivity water and make up water is very close. A further advantage is the anti-corrosion additive already present in the reclaimed water reduces the amount added to the quench water.

Adopting the new process is saving 4,000 to 5,000 litres a day and cost only about $5,000.